EXCLUSIVE: Top Israeli Minister Ron Dermer on DEFEATING Hamas & VICTORY in Gaza | Stakelbeck Tonight – 25 maart 2024

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In this exclusive clip from the brand new TBN show, “Stakelbeck Tonight,” host Erick Stakelbeck is joined by Ron Dermer, Israel’s Minister of Strategic Affairs and the top advisor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In this wide-ranging conversation, Dermer breaks down why Israel will finish the job of crushing Hamas in Gaza despite growing international pressure and why the IDF may be forced to act soon against Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. Dermer also shares why increased talk of a Palestinian state is misguided and how the IDF does an exemplary job of protecting Palestinian civilians despite Hamas barbarity and false accusations. Plus, how can Christians help Israel in its time of greatest need? Watch now and be sure to check out “Stakelbeck Tonight,” airing every weeknight at 7:30 and 10:30 Eastern time on TBN! #Israel #Hamas #Gaza #RonDermer #TheWatchman #StakelbeckTonight Shop The Watchman merch now: https://shop.tbn.org/the-watchman/ Check out our channel for MORE and be sure to subscribe. https://www.youtube.com/c/TheWatchman... Watch full episodes of The Watchman with Erick Stakelbeck for FREE on TBN+: https://watch.tbn.org/the-watchman-wi... The Watchman Show is LIVE Thursdays 10PM ET // Fridays 6:30PM ET on TBN FOLLOW ERICK: http://twttr.com/erickstakelbeck http://fb.me/erickstakelbeck http://instagr.am/erick.stakelbeck http://erickstakelbeck.com



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