Greg Laurie

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What is the point of studying Bible prophecy? Pastor Greg shares on Israel as the center stage, the blessing, and preparation for believers who read, hear, and keep God’s Word. Greg Laurie YouTube:

Does death bother you? Do you wonder what awaits us in the afterlife? These are all good questions but thankfully we have answers to them! There is no need to fear death or what comes next, as long as you put your trust in Jesus!

Jesus Is Coming Wake Up, Pastor and teacher Greg Laurie shares with us that Jesus’ return is coming very soon and we must be vigilant and of sober mind so that we are ready when he does come back for his Church!

De boodschap van Greg Laurie begint na 28 minuten en 27 seconden.

De boodschap van Greg Laurie begint na 3 minuten en 40 seconden.

Is Coronavirus a Sign of the End Times? Pastor Greg Laurie digs deep into God’s word to take a look at this pandemic and the coming signs of the End-Times. Are we getting close to the return of Jesus Christ? Will we be raptured soon? All this and more will be discussed!

De antichrist, armageddon en de Tweede Komst! Vanaf 33 minuten en 37 seconden begint de boodschap van Greg Laurie.

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