Amir Tsarfati

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De Geest en de Bruid zeggen: Kom!: Amir Tsarfati (Nederlands ondertiteld)

Jihad continues to escalate and expand. The goal? To spread Islam and make Allah’s word superior, while making the infidels’ gods inferior. Radical Islamists will use whatever means available to them – immigration, education, media, and, especially, the sword. Where is Islam in the end times? Is it possible that the antichrist will be a Muslim? In his new video, The Final Jihad, Amir Tsarfati processes history and today’s headlines through the lens of prophetic Scripture to see where Islam fits into an Ezekiel 38 world. In this message that is unlike any he has given before, Amir assures us that while everyone else may be fearing the last jihad, we should be looking forward to the last trumpet.

Amir Tsarfati van Behold Israel laat aan de hand van Lukas 24, de Emmaüsgangers, zien hoe je ondanks vele bewijzen en profetieën toch blind voor de waarheid kunt zijn. Totdat God je de ogen opent! Nederlands ondertiteld.

Teaching #1 by guest speaker Amir Tsarfati of Behold Israel from Sunday, July 18th.

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Amir Tsarfati van Behold Israel geeft uitleg over de profetie van Daniel over de 70 jaarweken. Die hele profetie gaat over Israël, maar wat betekent het voor ons? Zeer boeiend en leerzaam! Nederlands ondertiteld.

A new religion is emerging and it is spreading fast. Unlike religious takeovers of the past, there is no fight taking place. In fact, the followers of many other belief systems have been quick to embrace it and incorporate it into their doctrine. It is a non-judgmental, feel-good religion of ecumenism and inclusion and acceptance of all people and all lifestyles. There is only one group of people who are rejected from this new global religion – the followers of Jesus Christ. Join Amir Tsarfati for his new teaching, The Rise of the One World Religion, as he examines this new system that will eventually unite all people under one man – the antichrist.

Amir’s teaching on the history of the satanic efforts of religions, cults, and the modern powerful elite to rule the world with “the light of Lucifer” as their guide. There is a deliberate plan and push for one leader and one-world government all around us.

Jonathan Hessen and Amir Tsarfati join forces in a new and exciting program to discuss Middle East current events through a biblical lens. Amir and Jonathan discuss the political instability in Jerusalem and other regional developments in light of God’s biblical calendar and plans for Israel and the Middle East.

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