Will Israel ELIMINATE Iran, Hezbollah Threats? | FULL EPISODE | The Rosenberg Report on TBN – 28 oktober 2023

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As the Hezbollah threat increases, Joel Rosenberg, host of the Rosenberg Report, travels to the Israel-Lebanon border to meet with Israeli military experts to discuss Israel's possible paths of response. Should Israel strike Hezbollah first, and then move to destroy Iran's nuclear capability? What is the sentiment of the public? Don't miss this insight from the Rosenberg Report on TBN! SUBSCRIBE:    / @therosenbergreport   View full episodes of The Rosenberg Report for FREE on the TBN App: https://watch.tbn.org/the-rosenberg-r... FOLLOW Joel Rosenberg: http://fb.me/joelcrosenberg http://twttr.com/joelcrosenberg The Rosenberg Report offers a biblical perspective on current events impacting Israel and the Middle East. Here we’ll discuss the rich history of the land; current events, and their prophetic and global implications, and so much more—all from the Holy Land. #therosenbergreport #joelrosenberg #israel #israelwar #hezbollah #iran 0:00 Intro 0:28 Rising Threat Of Hezbollah 2:06 Hezbollah's Strategy 7:52 Should Israel Strike First? 13:02 No Option But To Win 17:50 Fears At Israel-Lebanon Border



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