Please… Don’t Ignore This URGENT Message!!! 31 – juli – 2023

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-56,000,000 people die each year. -4,700,000 people die each month. -150,000 people die each day. -100 people die each minute - 2 people die each second The sad part of this is a majority of these people are dying still infected with a virus called sin ...without the cure which is Jesus Christ. People are living there lives enjoying treasures on Earth...and making there plans for the future...with little or no care about there Eternity...when the reality is.. All of us can die at any moment. We are not promised our next breath. This little life here on Earth is nothing compared to what comes next. Death is only the beginning. Heaven and Hell are very real and you will spend your Eternity in one of those destinations. It's time to take your Eternity serious right now! The Bible reveals all Truths. Believe it! Jesus Christ is the only way to the Kingdom of Heaven and the only name that can save you! Now is the accepted time! Now is the day of salvation! Link to my Telegram Channel:



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