Make Gaza Great Again? Amir Tsarfati – 14 februari 2023

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Gaza has a long history, including a consistent Jewish presence from ancient times to the Ottoman Empire. In recent years, the area has seen conflict and violence despite efforts for peace through the Oslo Accords and other initiatives. The region came under Palestinian Authority control in 1994 but has since been marked by Hamas rule and ongoing violence. Some suggest that the rejection of Biblical claims to the land may be at the root of the conflict. This perspective challenges the two-state solution and calls for alternative approaches to bring peace to Gaza. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: Pre-Order Amir’s new book "Discovering Daniel": Follow us on social media: Instagram:   / beholdisrael   Facebook:   / beholdisrael   Telegram: Visit our website: Public Reading of Scripture: DVD’s & Digital Downloads: Latest Middle East News: Bible Teachings: Articles: Teaching Around the World: Bible Experience Tours:



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