Iran Publishes Israel TARGET LIST for Future War; Damascus Air Defenses Boosted? | Watchman Newscast – 28 november 2022

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On today's Watchman Newscast, host Erick Stakelbeck covers the ominous report out of Iran revealing the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has published a list of “sensitive” sites that could be targeted in a future war with Israel. The article included various locations within the Jewish State, such as the Knesset, the Prime Minister’s Office, the Defense Ministry and what was considered “nuclear sites and facilities”. Plus, Syria and Iran have been deploying new air defense systems in an effort to deter Israel from conducting airstrikes in Damascus. Could the new systems built by Korean and Chinese companies provide the cover Iran needs to continue smuggling deadly weaponry to its proxies through Syria? Should Israel be concerned? Watch now on the Watchman Newscast! #Iran #Israel #TheWatchman Use the discount code WATCHMAN25 to get 25% off an Artza Box subscription at Check out our channel for MORE and be sure to subscribe. Watch full episodes of The Watchman with Erick Stakelbeck for FREE on the TBN App: The Watchman Show is LIVE Thursdays 10PM ET // Fridays 6:30PM ET on TBN FOLLOW ERICK: 0:00 Introduction - Iran publishes list of "sensitivie sites" inside Israel + Syrian Air Defenses update. 1:07 Message from Artza. 2:32 Iran list of "sensitive" Israeli sites. 4:00 This is a threat from the Iranian regime after death of top IRGC officer. 5:08 REVIEW: Iran's "Ring of Fire" surrounding Israel and extensive arsenal of missiles and drones. 7:28 Fear not! God still sits on the throne and is in control. 8:16 Israel's been preparing to defend itself for a long time. 9:31 A look at Israel's extensive air defense systems. 10:32 Iran and Syria bolstering air defense systems around Damascus. 11:43 Closing thoughts.



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