Hezbollah says it is prepared for war; U.S. pledges support for Israel TV7 Israel News 20.06.24

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Today’s top stories 20.06.24; 1) The United States warns the Iranian-proxy Hezbollah that unless it accepts a diplomatic solution to hostilities, Washington will support Jerusalem in the event of a full-scale war. 2) Amid heightened prospects for a northern War; Hezbollah levels a threat toward Cyprus – warning against allowing Israel to use its airfields. 3) Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant emphasizes that Israel is ready anything that may evolve on Israel’s northern front versus Hezbollah. Support @tv7israelnews - https://tv7israelnews.com/donate/ Listen to TV7 Israel News latest War updates also on our podcast https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/sh... You are welcome to join our audience and watch all of our programs - free of charge! TV7 Israel News: https://www.tv7israelnews.com/vod/ser... Jerusalem Studio: https://www.tv7israelnews.com/vod/ser... TV7 Israel News Editor’s Note: https://www.tv7israelnews.com/vod/ser... TV7 Europa Stands: https://www.tv7israelnews.com/vod/ser... TV7 Powers in Play: https://www.tv7israelnews.com/vod/ser... TV7 Israel: Watchmen Talk: https://www.tv7israelnews.com/vod/ser... TV7’s Middle East Review: https://www.tv7israelnews.com/vod/ser... My Brother’s Keeper: https://www.tv7israelnews.com/vod/ser... This week in 60 seconds: https://www.tv7israelnews.com/vod/ser... #IsraelNews #tv7israelnews #newsupdates #IsraelAtWar #IsraelUnderAttack #Jerusalem #IronSwords Rally behind our vision - https://www.tv7israelnews.com/donate/ To purchase TV7 Israel News merchandise: https://teespring.com/stores/tv7-isra... Live view of Jerusalem - https://www.tv7israelnews.com/jerusal... Visit our website - http://www.tv7israelnews.com/ Subscribe to our YouTube channel -    / tv7israelnews   Like TV7 Israel News on Facebook –   / tv7israelnews   Follow TV7 Israel News on Instagram -   / tv7israelnews   Follow TV7 Israel News on Twitter -   / tv7israelnews  



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