He Curses Israel, Then This INSTANTLY Happens – 16 december 2023

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Turkish MP Hasan Bitmez pronounced a curse upon Israel in the name of Allah, and then something shocking happened right afterward... Ray Comfort then interviews college students asking them their thoughts on the situation, as well as if they believe that God was the one who caused this to happen to Hasan or not. Get The Evidence Study Bible here: https://livingwaters.com/collections/... Get the Starter Kit of gospel tracts here: https://livingwaters.com/store/gospel... Check out The Living Waters Podcast: https://www.LivingWaters.com/Podcast Visit https://www.LivingWaters.com to view more free Christian videos, articles, and to get tracts and other resources by Ray Comfort and the Living Waters team. FACEBOOK Living Waters:   / lwwotm   Ray Comfort:   / official.ray.comfort   INSTAGRAM Living Waters:   / livingwatersofficial   X (formerly Twitter) Living Waters: https://x.com/LivingWatersPub Ray Comfort: https://x.com/RayComfort Receive weekly updates about fresh articles, videos, and audios, as well as new resources, special discounts, and upcoming events: https://www.livingwaters.com/weekly-n...



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