The point of no return – Part 1 – Jaap Dieleman

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Dear friends, it’s man given to live once and then die. Then your destiny is sealed: it will be heaven or hell. There is nothing in between. How important it is to secure our eternal future. And how can you be sure you will go to heaven? You can be sure, since God has provided a sure way, one way, the only Way. His name is Jesus. He said: I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father than by Me. Another translations says: I am the Way of the Truth that leads to life. Be inspired by this message to secure your eternal future by accepting Christ as the Savior. He took your sin, sickness and your shame upon Himself on the cross, so you can partake in His grace, His Life and HIs eternal destiny in Heaven. Please open your heart and receive this great gift from God. You will be eternally thankful when you do so. This is part one of a two session message. Sincerely yours. Jaap Dieleman



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