Signs of the Coming Antichrist – Part 1 – Jack Hibbs

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Pastor Jack shares a special Bible teaching regarding the days in which we are living and what the Bible has to say about them. Don’t allow fear and confusion to trouble you. Let’s look into His word together so that we can have hope, knowledge, and expectation of Christ’s near return. Subscribe to our channel: CONNECT WITH PASTOR JACK Website: Instagram: Facebook: Telegram: Gettr: Want to receive our weekly devotions? Click the link below to sign up! 0:00 – Introduction 24:01 – He Is Revealed In Scripture As; The Beast 34:49 – He Is Revealed In Scripture As; Having A Fierce Countenance 39:32 – He Is Revealed In Scripture As; The Willful King 40:11 – He Is Revealed In Scripture As; The Idle Or Worthless Shepherd



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