Israel, Europe & Egypt Sign HISTORIC Natural Gas Deal; Russia SHUT OUT? | Watchman Newscast LIVE -15 juni 2022

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Don’t miss today’s Watchman Newscast LIVESTREAM on our channel between 4 and 5 pm Eastern time! Topics we’ll cover include the collaboration within the European Union to allow “significant” exports of Israeli gas to Europe for the first time as Europe looks to replace Russian energy imports. Will this move increase tensions between Russia and Israel following months of a strained relationship? Plus, Iran discloses it will conduct a test launch of a solid-fuel satellite carrier rocket. According to reports, the rocket is able to carry cargo weighing up to 220 kg and reach a height of 500 km. Then finally, amid growing tensions between Israel and Russia in Syria, how an unfulfilled prophecy from the book of Ezekiel may take center stage! Join in the conversation and bring questions for our Q and A session on today’s Watchman Newscast. #Israel #Russia #TheWatchman



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