Defining the Rapture – Jack Hibbs

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In this episode, I explore the concept of the rapture and its biblical basis, addressing the common question of why the word “rapture” does not appear in the English Bible. I explain that the term is found in the Latin Bible and is derived from the Greek word “harpazo,” which means to be suddenly and violently removed. We then discuss the rapture as an event in Scripture specifically mentioned in relation to the church in the New Testament setting. I delve into the overwhelming rapture verse in the scriptures, as told by Jesus in John 14:1, and discuss the implications of this verse and its connection to the rapture. We also explore the imagery and symbolism found in the Book of Revelation, focusing on the significance of the seven lampstands representing the seven churches. In this discussion, I emphasize the importance of living out our faith in today’s turbulent world and encourage listeners to subscribe and share the message of truth with others to help this podcast grow. Stay tuned for part two of our exploration on defining the rapture, its placement in scripture, and why it is essential to our understanding of the end times. Together, let’s continue to seek truth and live out our faith in these challenging times. Subscribe to our channel: CONNECT WITH PASTOR JACK Website: Instagram: Facebook: Telegram: Gettr: Want to receive our weekly devotions? Click the link below to sign up!



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