Amir Tsarfati: What in the World is Going On? 18 maart 2022

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Why are Christians surprised by what is happening in the world? Jesus told us very clearly that there would be days like this. In his new teaching, What in the World is Going on?, Amir Tsarfati reminds us that while the rest of the world may experience fear in these dark days, a knowledge of the Word of God lays a solid foundation of hope for the Christian. He then goes on to very practically describe how a life of light is lived out in this time of fierce spiritual warfare. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: Follow us on social media: Instagram: Facebook: Telegram: Visit our website: Public Reading of Scripture: Order Amir’s new book “Operation Joktan”: DVD’s & Digital Downloads: Latest Middle East News: Bible Teachings:… Articles: Teaching Around the World:… Bible Experience Tours:…



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