Amir Tsarfati: The Miracle Called Israël!

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There is no other country on earth that was driven from its ancient homeland only to return nearly 2,000 years later. From the diaspora beginning in 70 AD to the restoration beginning in the early 1900s, the Jews were dispersed among the nations of the world. And to this day, the Jewish people have continued to make their way back to their God-given land. Furthermore, from the very moment that God made His covenant with Abraham, we can testify of the miracles He’s worked on the nation’s behalf. Join Amir as he uncovers what is The Miracle Called Israel. Amir quotes from an article titled “The Miraculous Birth of the State of Israel” during this teaching. The article was written by the founder and director of First Fruits of Zion, Boaz Michael. FFOZ has granted permission to Behold Israel for the usage of the article. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: Follow us on social media: Instagram: Facebook: Telegram: Visit our website: Public Reading of Scripture: Order Amir’s new book “Operation Joktan”: DVD’s & Digital Downloads: Latest Middle East News: Bible Teachings:… Articles: Teaching Around the World:… Bible Experience Tours:…




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