Most People Don’t Realize What’s Coming In 2025… (Amir Tsarfati)

Most People Don’t Realize What’s Coming In 2025… Amir Tsarfati 🔔 Subscribe now with all notifications on for more Rapture News And Bible News! According to the Bible, the world is not going to meet its end until certain events take place. Every event is linked with another event, which will happen first for the other event to take place. Just like the completion of the third temple, which is linked with the arrival of the jewish messiah as per their belief. However, in our faith, it is also linked with certain biblical prophecies that will ultimately be fulfilled for the arrival of Jesus Christ. So what do we need to understand about the rebuilding of the third temple as being the followers of Christ? Is it already started and does that mean Jesus is coming soon? Let’s try to break it down and find the answers to these questions in this episode today! #rapture #biblestudy #amirtsarfati



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